Hispanic Flamenco Ballet

28   Defining Rhythm



Wizard of Oz

18   Showtime 2012
23   Chamber Theatre - Eureka
1   Live at the Park


Theatre Specs

The Park Performing Art Center is located at 560 32nd Street in Union City, NJ, in the County of Hudson. It is minutes from all major highways in New Jersey and five minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel, which connects this area to New York City. Built in 1931, this 1400 seat theater rivals many Broadway houses for its size.

The stage has 40' proscenium opening, 28.5' stage depth, and 68' span across the full stage. Scenery and on-stage electrics can be handled on a full 60' grid with 40 counterweight lines.

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Exterior: Marquee glass panels and black cast iron interchangeable lettering, backlit by florescent lighting

Box Office: Two windows for the public, ticket racks, lobby area

House: Seating capacity is 1383. 843 Orchestra (including 2 wheelchair positions), 200 Front Balcony, 340 Rear Balcony

Restrooms and Lounge: ADA compliant off of 1st floor lobby, additional restrooms off of 2nd Floor Lobby. Second Level (Handicapped accessible).

Ample parking is available in Municipal Parking Lots located one block from PPAC. Public Transportation is available from the major transportation hubs of Port Authority in New York City, Hoboken Terminal in Hoboken, NJ and Journal Square in Jersey City, NJ. Restaurants, a shopping mall, service stations, lumber dealer, hotels, and Bash Lighting Company are all within one mile of PPAC.

We also do programs in schools, bringing visual and performing artists to in-school and afterschool programs through the folk arts program. (return to top)

Stage Dimensions

  • Proscenium Height: 35'
  • Proscenium Width: 40'
  • Plaster Line to Deck Wall: 38'6"
  • Plaster Line to Stage Edge: 4'6"
  • Plaster Line to Stage Edge (with Pit Cover): 9'7"
  • Stage Width: 68"
  • Stage Right Wing: 14' (fly rail on stage right)
  • Stage Left Wing: 14'
  • Grid Height: 50'
  • Stage Height from Orchestra Pit Floor: 6'7"
  • Stage Height from House Floor: 4'

Stage Floor is wooden and painted black but is not trapped.

Loading Dock: 32nd Street (Stage Right) 10' x 8' -- Height off street level: 2'

Seating Chart

Seating Chart for general reference only (Download PDF for detailed and accurate seating chart.)

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Seating Chart