We’re Hiring!

Do you have a love and passion for the arts? We are looking for talented and dedicated people to grow our team here at the Park Performing Arts Center. In order for this space to reach its full potential, we believe that we need people who believe in the arts, especially in a community that may need help believing too.

Right now our team is looking for a(n):

Office Assistant

Associate Creative Director of Education

Associate Creative Director of Production

General Associate Creative Director


Office Assistant Job Responsibilities: Maintains office operations by receiving and distributing communications; maintaining supplies and equipment; picking-up and delivering items; serving customers.


Associate Creative Directors are part support workers and part supervisors. They assist Creative Directors with creative direction and campaigns, as well as supervise teams and staff on multiple design projects. For education and for production

Candidates must be:

Young minded


Love for the arts


Interested in applying? Complete this form below and answer the following questions to the best of your ability, Or you can send an email with your resume and answers to Veronica@parkpac.org.


Create a 3 year action plan to develop a love of theater in an economically challenged county. Inspire low income families to take advantage of all the arts has to offer.

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