The center’s history began in 1932 with the construction of the Park Theater, originally built to house a local parish’s presentation of “The Passion Play.” Many people who grew up in Hudson and Bergen counties remember coming to PPAC as children for their first theatrical experience. With the Park Theater as its centerpiece, the Park Performing Arts Center was incorporated in 1983 as a private, not-for-profit arts center dedicated to presenting and producing programs for Hudson County’s diverse communities. It is identified as the only institution in the County solely dedicated to the performing arts by the Hudson County Urban Complex Strategic Revitalization Plan, produced for the County and endorsed by the State Planning Commission in January 1999.

Reflecting the unique character of our service area, we also encompass The Northeast Folk Arts Center, presenting classes and performances as well as exhibits that reflect and preserve the heritage of the many cultures here in Hudson County. Our exhibit “The Cultural Thread/El Hilo Cultural” on the history and art of the embroidery industry as expressed by multiple waves of immigrants won the Governor’s Tourism Award. Many of the classes in our education center are extensions of the Northeast Folk Arts Center programming.



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